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Brian Rhode- Architectural Designer


Brian is a Nova Scotia College of Art trained cabinet maker with a minor in Art History, and has been with Beckwith for two years. He is the founder of Boston Woodworks Inc., a highly respected architectural mill-work company in Boston, MA which he owned for thirty years before closing the doors in 2011. His portfolio of work represents an extremely wide range of materials, processes, and styles often involving complex and odd geometries built to the highest standards. He is a strong user of Auto-CAD and a number of modern 3D CNC software programs.


Intimate with all historic architectural styles from Colonial through Postmodern, Brian's goal at Beckwith Builders is to create beautiful mill-work design using the highest quality materials that will bring years of enjoyment to our clients.


Brian is also a strong rock climber with over 25 years experience in New England, around the country, and internationally.      

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